Namaste. I am Aditya Prabhu.
I am a lover of light, sound and food.

After completing a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from NMAMIT India, I knew right away that I had a deep interest in story telling, special effects and photography. Wasting no time, I bought a book to learn Maya and learned how to make short animations, particle effects, pretty pictures and sculpt cool cars. All this work got me into Savannah College of Art & Design with a neat scholarship, where I pursued and completed a Master of Arts degree in Visual Effects. Having possessed a range of both artistic and technical skills, I worked at PDI DreamWorks Animation as a Lighting Technical Assistant and eventually a Lighting Artist. After working at PDI for 4 years, I now work at Pixar Animation Studios as a Lightspeed TD - where the tools and techniques used in lighting are refined, optimized and rendered images are sometimes laboriously rid of inevitable visual artifacts. I have also worked in the Stereo-3D department doing compositing in stereo-3D.

On the side, I have been feeding another interest of mine - the world of sound design, electronic music production and deejaying. Having continually sharpening my skills in the universe of sound and deepening my understanding of the emotions behind music, I aim to produce more original music and perhaps an album or two in the future.

Each day is an attempt to stand strong and continue to feed that big dream, where my childlike wonder about all things light and sound come together one day to form something bigger and wondrous than the sum of its parts, hopefully never losing the inspirational spark that drives it all. I thank each and every one of the many talented artists, lovers and dancers who have crossed paths with me. Without the beautiful and passionate souls out there, this adventure would be quite dull.