This reel consists of my work as a Lighting Technical Assistant / Production Lighter at PDI Dreamworks Animation.

Technical low-down:

Apart from lighting and compositing production shots, my resposibilities as a Lighting Technical Assistant / Production Lighter at PDI DreamWorks Animation involved designing, setting up and deploying lighting rigs with a Lead Lighter for characters, environments, crowds and oceans.
Challenges involved specific problem solving such as - managing assets from multiple upstream departments to contextualize them for sequence wide lighting, building lighting rigs for entire sequences and deploying them into shots, managing rendering needs and cleaning up rendering artifacts ("tech-fix"), preparing compositing scripts in Nuke for entire sequences, automating lighting setup tasks to allow sequence wide changes and updates when under tight schedules using Unix shell scripting. 
This unique position allowed me to grow not only as an artist but also as a technical problem solver - a strong combination of skills in a demanding industry.